2020 Social media trends
2020 Social media trends
  By - Yebo Master
   18 February 2020

SSocial media trends change every minute, that’s how the world of social media is. With us in 2020, it’s time we also understand the way things are working in this 2020 and make it work that way for more success. We at Yebo Master would like to share 4 of the 2020 social media trends.

1. Stories never get Old

Storytelling has been popular for many further stories since the age of time. Storytelling is the biggest social media trend since the past few years and this year looks no different. A general storytelling still has the same power that it had a few centuries ago.
Instagram and Facebook stories have been very engaging. Interactive stories and polls are smart ways to go with the audience making your content more looking forward to

2. Video-boom

Videos are the most shared content on social media, be they long or short. YouTube is one of the biggest social sites in terms of active users and Instagram is regarded as the top hub for influencers.
And above all this, we have the growing users on TikTok. More and more video-contents are popping up each day and it’s just the matter of having smartphones.

3. Customer interaction

Brands need to establish connections with their audience via customer-centric content.
This not only builds brand relationships but also encourages a fresh stream of content from the followers along with the updates. Consumers find it encouraging to rely on user user-generated content and customer photos as a brilliant move for engagement.

4. Be active

As per this, you must be monitoring conversations, engagement and growth and making that data readily available to your team and followers.
These are a few of the top social media trends that are believed to make a great impact in 2020.