Importance of getting your data encrypted!
Importance of getting your data encrypted!
  By - Yebo Master
   22 February 2020

In this ever-expanding digital world, the market is constantly changing, developing and adapting to the latest trend, it has to offer. Considering digital marketing is ‘online’ there is a high chance of getting robbed. Yeah, you heard me right! So, it is a must, to protect your finance and reputation.

And to prevent these nightmares from ever disturbing sleep, companies need to invest time and money in securing their digital platforms.

What Happens if My Website is Eyed?
Getting your website secure is an important aspect of a digital game-plan. Basically structured websites are easily-prone to cyber attacks. Cyber attacks can shake the complete foundation of your business affecting the finance as well as the reputation of the company.

How Can I Protect My Website?
Do you know, a simple configuration of altering the wp-admin from the URL, sophisticated passwords can fend off password hacking. Similarly, out-of-date plugins too can make your site an easy target. So update them and you can also enable two-factor authentication (2FA).
Also, enabling a firewall can protect your website. This will keep cross-site scripting and malware attacks at bay.

What about Encrypting Data?
Customers are the most important factor in any business. And that is gained, not by just giving out a candy bar whenever they visit your site but by ensuring that their traffic is encrypted. This is done by ensuring that your website is digitally certified.
This digital certificate is the proof from a trusted authority on the internet ensuring that the sessions between the customer and the site are encrypted, for sure.

Spam, spoof, phishing, so on
It is said that 1 in every 131 mails has malware. By ensuring a strong password and using a better, internet security you can protect your website. Always remember that these attacks can disrupt your social media page, your contacts to a very large extent.
You need to take action to prevent your website from being compromised.

The Conclusion is… can build trust with your customers and focus on the business, by ensuring a secured digital system.