Digital Marketing trends for 2020
Digital Marketing trends for 2020
  By - Yebo Master
   18 February 2020

You bought a new phone one year back and now there’s a new phone of the same brand; won’t you be expecting that this phone model has something new which your current phone lacks, right? Same way, customers want new innovative marketing strategies each time from you when they hear your brand’s name.

One of the most important additions in digital marketing which will become a trend in 2020 is none other than interactivity.

Many customers are interested in interactivity content a lot. We can see the changes happening all around us in order to get the customer engaged. AR quizzes, shoppable posts and many more are becoming the new interactive fashion wardrobe. Because of this more information about the brand is displayed as a human factor comes into play and a trust factor builds up.

Automation isn’t anything new but as per Google Ads latest update it will soon become popular among the business industry and some gambling entities are already using it. With the new update, the bids could be optimized and in the process, the conversions could definitely be maximized.