How Does SEO matter!?
How Does SEO matter!?
  By - Yebo Master
   09 March 2020

In today’s ever-expanding digital market, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something that dwells in the mind of every business owner who is venturing out into this territory. There are many interesting factors involved in getting your website ranked in the search engine, and it is no easy task.

It is an ongoing process but here we’ll explore what one must do for the same, here the most prominent thing you should keep in mind is that, the time is hazy.

Some essential factors one has to keep in mind are:
Skill: Time to get your SEO skill pumped up. Know the keywords, meta-titles, and meta-descriptions in hand.
Budget: With a good budget you can be up-front to increase your search engine optimization.
Competition: TStudy your competitor’s moves and strengthen your strategy.
Visibility: Improve your website, upgrade your website by looks and features.

Well now we shall see some essential factors that can affect your website’s ranking on SERP, which are:

HSEO website audit:
A website audit will help you to know your site’s strengths and weaknesses, while you can develop strategic moves.

An SEO website audit:

  • Structure of your website
  • Upgrades and updates
  • Existing contents

Optimize your Site:
Ensure that your website is updated on a regular basis. Offer a positive user experience by making your site easy to navigate and the visitor to your site finds what they are looking for at ease. Also, see that duplicate content issues i.e. duplicate versions of the same page, are also kept in check, as Google can penalize you if your site does so. Now, maximum people bother to look into the websites while traveling, so optimize your site for mobile. It also makes sure if the site is readable on a smaller screen as nearly a good number of people navigate sites using their smartphones. And now the important and final point in navigation. Site speed is a very important thing, the longer it takes to load, the more frustrated the visitor becomes.

As per a report on Google, your site must not take longer than 3 seconds to load otherwise it can affect your visitor’s patience level.

The loading speed can be affected by the following factors: Image size, cache, script handling.

Content and Metas
Create high quality content. Your content should be researched and well-scripted proving its worthiness to the visitor or targeted audience. You can even tell the story with infographics and your consistent posting of blogs, which can help a reader.
Give out details like ‘What is new in the Industry’ and so on. You can produce infographics on your product and its effect on the market.
Use headings and subheadings to differentiate the title and subtitles that can break the content making it easier for the readers. Another thing is the usage of formatting tips like bulleting the points, numbering the lists, using bold and italics to emphasize certain elements of the post.
Also, make sure your content has metadata inserted in it i.e. Meta Title, Meta description, Alt Tags. The more accurately Google or any search engine determines what your page is about, the more effectively the search engine delivers the results. Yebo Master, the Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai will help you achieve them.

Everything is about Linking
Backlinking can help you a lot. The more valuable content you share with others, the more likely other sites will link back to your content, so share content that is worth linking to. This linking can guide readers to other relevant content within and off the site proving the genuineness of the content and establishes the trust between the visitor and the site.
And then most importantly, aforementioned, it’s a lengthy process. You need to be vigilant about your competitors and the market. You can hire an SEO expert with us if you don’t have time or has an in-house expert. You can always contact YeboMaster, the Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai and we have our experts ready for you, to help you make an impact you require.