Tips for effective digital marketing strategy
Tips for effective digital marketing strategy
  By - Yebo Master
   22 February 2020

The marketing world is always empowered by new strategic ways, opening new ways to boost your business. It is just a matter of seconds when someone else implements them and reinvents a new strategy. Digital marketing is a young evergreen branch of the tree called ‘marketing’ and every big and small bird (company) is focused on it to make their nest on it.

We at Yebo Master would like to share a few effective digital marketing strategies we think could boost your business, just in case you are unaware.

A Few Effective Digital Marketing Strategies:

  • 1. Update the website: If you haven’t updated your website design for a while, that’s like 3-4 months or more, it’ll be really helpful if you take some time for that. Update the design as per the changing times also it ensures that you meet today’s best practices and Web standards.
  • 2. Mobile-Friendly: Nowadays people like to surf the sites glancing or buying the products, while on move. So, it is wise to have one’s website optimized and made mobile friendly.
  • 3. Call-to-Action: Write strong Call-to-Action ads making the customer feel as if he/she must contact you.
  • 4. Never-ever: Never-ever use abbreviations that is an alien or out-of-this-world for many
  • 5. Enable Social Buttons: Enable social sites’ share buttons and promote and prove the relevance to rank in search engines.
  • 6. Know-your-metas: Complete your meta description, alt text, meta title which can affect your visibility on SERP.
  • 7. Geo-Supreme: Include geo-specific metas and keywords so that anyone can find it easily when associated with the city/town.
  • 8. Backlinks: Get backlink from influencers and other websites that have established credibility and can drive more traffic to your site.
  • 9. #tags: Usage of proper hashtags can cause the rise of visitors to your site
  • 10. Choose & Map: Choose the right social media channel to target the right audience and map your customer’s journey with each visit and purchase.
These are a few of the tips of an effective digital marketing strategy of 2020.