Ultimate Guide For UX Beginners In 2020
Ultimate Guide For UX Beginners In 2020
  By - Yebo Master
   20 June 2020

So you have decided to become a UX designer? If you don't know about the perks of UX designing, let me tell you, creative work, flexible work, variety, and competitive salaries, and most importantly, you will get the opportunity to work with real clients. You will enjoy the tech skills, and UX designing is all about human interaction and engagement with people. Let's get to know more about the ultimate guide for UX beginners in 2020.

What does UX Designer do?
A UX designer interacts with persons with a product or service. UX is User Experience, which means how the customer feels about a particular product or service and his experience. The user experience should be useful in terms of everything.
Imagine you land on a website that is not user-friendly and not mobile responsive; you will feel a little irritated. The pages you have found take a long time to load, the landing pages are confusing and so on. This is what is called bad user experience. UX designers make sure that people get the best user experience whenever they interact with any product or service.
UX designers work on each term and element of product and service after in-depth research of market, product, strategy, development, and design. They make sure that the customer gets the best experience and satisfaction.
According to Truelist, 74% of people are likely to return to a mobile-optimized website.

Start Reading About UX
You are desperate to become a UX designer. But first, you need to know about it. Do you love developing prototypes for user products? Do you want to explore UX and how it works? Before deciding UX is the perfect choice for you, you need to start reading about UX. If you are on Instagram and just scrolling people's feeds, then do-follow and pay attention to UX designers accounts like 'UXBites.'
No doubt, you will get tips, tricks, and knowledge from there. If you want to know more, you can dive into Youtube channels like CareerFoundry, The Futur, AJ&Smart, etc. Of course, if you're going to get more serious about User Experience (UX), you need to get more serious about it. You have to research, and you have to get the knowledge that is necessary when it comes to UX designing.

Learn The UX Principles
One of the golden rules of User Experience is a user-centric approach. User-centric is all means to put the user first. UX designing is based on what the user's thought pattern is and what the user needs. The principles are based on studying the user needs and wants and then coming up with the solution and designing for them. There are five fundamental principles of UX designing, which are Consistency, Confirmation, Hierarchy, User Control, and Accessibility.
According to Truelist, Intentional and strategic user experience can raise conversion rates by as much as 400%.

Methods and Processes of UX Design
The next step is to explore some ways and practices to dive into deep once you have the fundamental principles and knowledge about UX design. At this stage, you will get a broad idea of how things work. The successful UX designing based on the four steps: Research, Design, Testing, and Launch.
During the research step, you will look out for the goals and requirements of the project. It would help if you studied your target audience, their needs, what the context is, what the limitations are, etc.
The design step comes up with solutions and practical work. This is the time when you need to design the prototypes. And then, the next step is testing the prototype or design. User testing is an essential part of UX designing. And you can't skip this step. After several trials of testing, you will land into the launching stage.
However, the internet is full of UX design methods and processes. Each designer has got his process or method. You can learn from them and also you can create your way to perform.

Choose a UX Course
So now, we have discussed all UX designing and how it works. If you have decided then to become a UX designer, then you can do a UX course. There is much content on the internet that you can learn, but if you want to learn at the point, you can go for a UX designing course.
Make sure you will spend your money on a valuable course. The course should involve project-based learning, a strong focus of building a portfolio, social support, an expert curriculum, career support, etc.
Practice Practice Practice
The best thing to master is to practice what you are learning. Apart from making a portfolio, it will also help you to become confident and expert. You can also get a job, or practice on freelance projects. Through these ways, you can gain experience and a professional portfolio.
So this is about the ultimate guide for UX beginners in 2020. Learn it, stay consistent, make professional and valuable connections, and practice. You will master it one day!