What are the best Keyword Mapping Practices for 2021
What are the best Keyword Mapping Practices for 2021
  By - Yebo Master
   29 January 2021

SEO practices are required to increase the popularity and rating of your website on the Internet, one of which is keyword-mapping. Come and keep updated about the best practices for 2021 SEO in keyword mapping. You will prepare your SEO strategy accordingly and produce the necessary outcomes using this list of 2021 keyword mapping best practices.

Focus on User + Search Intent

Although this is hardly a new concept, it is important to concentrate again each year, because the purpose and behaviour of the search engine are still evolving. Particularly after 2020, when everything changed too quickly.

"At its heart, Google (and other search engines) is a place to go when people are interested and want to answer a question or learn more," said Jenn Mathews, GitHub's SEO founder. If we know why people search for them and provide them with the content they are looking for, we will gain profit from it.

Group the keywords to answer the same question

If you've begun your keyword analysis, make a list of all the keywords you want your content to rate. The corresponding keywords are all put together. Start by doubling the tablet of your keyword and pairing related keywords.

Optimize images and videos

First of all, you can make your preparations already if you're not investing in video content. The way forward appears to be the online footage. According to Cisco, video content use would outweigh other sources of content. And photos are used to purchase options. Using the videos and pictures of keywords.

Improve Your Site's Engagement Metrics

Metrics of engagement quantify how successful the content is. While not explicitly mentioned by Google, the search engine giant tests your site's commitment indicators to help judge the consistency of your content and classify it into your search results.

More Automation

Looking back at the growing number of SEO tasks we can automate in 2020 (structuring data generation, quality content, etc.), the chances for 2021 are mitigating, Hamlet Batista, CEO, and RankSense said. Expect dramatic increases in AI content performance and quantity. It would certainly make search engines more difficult to manage spam out of the database," said Batista. Human-in-the-loop automation would be key in an effort to stop penalties and remain competitive to make sure that search consumers have a high value.


Around 70-80 percent of users consult organically high-ranking pages. You should not however need to focus on paid advertising. Make use of the tips above and improve the chances of your content pages in 2021. As far as SEO is concerned, 2020 is the year of strong competition because the site owners will find it tough to obtain an important share of Google's organic traffic.